Mark Atteberry,
Theatrical Coach and Author of the book “Be a working actor”: 

"Your strength lies in your classic, all-American good looks and your upbeat and adorable personality. You have a great look for the camera, a lovely smile and a natural sparkle in your eyes making you appealing to an audience. Men will find you very attractive and women will find you nonthreatening, which are great qualities for an actress. The second we met you we fall in love with you. You're very likable. But, beyond those first impressions and the little girl fun you seem to have every time you're on camera, I love that you've got a great mind, a lot of self-control and a ton of difficult times to turn to when you're acting. Your history makes you incredibly fascinating. That's the stuff movie stars are made from. That takes your acting to a whole other level." 

Comments from various acting coaches:

A strong leading actress with some character qualities.
Very cast-able with a Great look and Personality for the camera.
A real good fit for TV film and commercials
The Sunny All-American
The Uplifting Girl-Next-Door
The Cute Mom 

HORSE RANCHERS DAUGHTER: A natural for Westerns. Born and raised in Texas and Oklahoma. Angela regularly travels home to Blevins Ranch in Oklahoma where Larry and (Brother) Stacy Blevins breed, train and show specially gaited champion Peruvian Paso Horses for both horse shows and pleasure riding using both normal riding cue’s as well as “hand and voice-only” cue’s for physically disabled riders lacking leg strength. Angela’s mother, Janey Blevins was a disabled Polio Survivor who loved horses. This was the motivation for LJB Peruvian Pasos. Story featured in “Gaited Horse” national magazine. Angela’s Photo “Cowboys and Indians” Magazine.

Good at: Basic riding, trot, gallop, running, barrel and cones.
Excellent Shot:  Handguns (revolver and automatic) and rifles.
Licensed to carry in most US states. 
Direct descendent of Andy Blevins and other know Blevins’ outlaws from western history and movies. 


  • Currently Acting and Improv with Susan Olsen, Four years of Judy Kerr’s Acting Workshop
  • Type Me Series: Mark Atteberry.
  • Commercial Technique Classes; Stuart K. Robinson, Carolyn Barry, Josh Rappaport, Sandra Merrill and Mariko Balentine
  • Robin Stoltz Nassif, Jeanne Everton, Charles Matthau, Judy Henderson, Victoria Burrows, Tony Sepulveda & Bob Fraser


Angela Blevins Theatrical Audition