Angela Blevins is usually cast as a spokesperson, mom, wife or shopper and works well with children and animals. Her excellent memorization, teleprompter and ear prompter skills make it possible to get perfect takes time after time. Training Includes: Judy Kerr’s Acting Workshop (4 years). Carolyn Barry's Advanced Commercial Technique, Stuart K. Robinson's Commercial Acting Class, Josh Rappaport's Commercial Workshop, Theatrical workshops with Jeane Everton, Charles Matthau, Victoria Burrows, Robbin Nassif, and Improv with Tony Sepulveda. Voice training for American Standard Dialect by Claire Corff (Texas Native).

"We have worked with Angela on more than one occasion, always with great results. She brings a professional presence to the set along with her adaptable and charming talent. On a Cox Cable commercial, the advertising agency was so impressed with her audition that they recast the rest of the spot’s 'family' to be able to use her as the mother. It has been a pleasure to have her on the set."

Michael O’Connor
Executive Producer
O Company Commercials 

Commercial Demo Reel


  • Lifemates Canada
  • OxiClean
  • Thyrin ATC
  • Comcast Internet
  • Cox Cable 
  • Showtime Networks (4)
  • Waterless Carwash
  • Scorewatch
  • Dr. Fresh Kids Toothpaste
  • Ringling Brothers Circus
  • Re/Max Realestate


  • Sempra Energy
  • Pennzoil (4)
  • Wet and Wild Water Parks
  • Opryland Hotel
  • Tennessee Dept. of Tourism
  • Eye Mart Express
  • Utah Credit Union
  • Prestige Furniture
  • Fram Oil Filters
  • Mercedes-Benz of Valencia CA
  • Gateway Auto Supply (8)
  • Classic Chevrolet (7)
  • Coleman Spas (3)
  • Samaritan Hospital
  • Quaker state Motor Oil
  • Dallas Opera
  • Interstate Batteries (2)
  • The Bedroom Shop (2)
  • Roma Jewelers Valencia CA
  • Idaho Children’s’ Hospital
  • Florida Medical University
  • Satisfaction Sheer Pantyhose
  • Randal Noe Dealerships (2)
  • Hayes Nissan 
  • Stacy Furniture TX
  • Heritage House
  • Trinity Meadows TX (3)
  • Durant Chevrolet Texas(4)
  • Check Protectors
  • Springfield Auto Paint & Body TN
  • Berryman Chemtool

Infomercial List

  • InfoMed Dr. Hanson Beverly Hills
  • Cyber Sonic Toothbrush
  • Wise Trade
  • The Great Life Show (Fight Cellulite) 
  • Baparama Steam Baking Master
  • Improv School of Personal Development
  • Patriot Sure Seal
  • Slim ‘n Up
  • The Trust Foundation
  • Coleman Spas (3)
  • Regency Conversions (3)
  • Accessory World (2)
  • Better Life Show (5)
  • DinAir AirBrush Make up Japan