Whether it’s Live, On-Camera, On-Line, Print or Radio, Angela has the undeniable ability to
captivate any audience.
A consummate, polished professional, her focus will be to grow your customer base and expand your business opportunities as demonstrated by her extensive track record representing the worlds leading companies. 


 "Angela's skills certainly enhance any presentation and help increase the competitive edge we all desire. I would be pleased to respond to any inquiries by prospective employers if you require additional information.." 

"We’ve worked with Angela on more than one occasion, shooting commercials, always with great results. She brings a professional presence to the set along with her adaptable and charming talent. On one commercial the advertising agency was so impressed with her audition that they recast the rest of the spots ‘family” to be able to use her as the mother.”  

"I’ve used Angela on many television projects since 1990 and in my experience she is the most professional talent I’ve ever worked with. She’s great with last minute changes and memorizes well. We often worked without a script. Angela is always on time and ready to go, properly prepared with an excellent attitude.”